Flowering sweetpeas are fragrant, and have an old-fashioned charm

They were brougth to the new world from europe

There are annual and perennial varieties in a range of colors including blue, white, pink, cream, and purple flowers

Sweetpeas flowers can be grown in your flower garden or scattered as a wild flower

Sweetpeas flowers are a hardy annual

Sweetpeas flowers thrive in cool weather

Sweetpeas flowers can survive frosts, freezes and a snow cover

Vining and non-vining varieties exist,producing and early bloom in cool weather

Non-vining varieties of sweetpeas flowers will grow 1-2 feet tall, while vining types can grow 5-7 feet or more

The most common insect problems include aphids and root borers

Slugs can also be a problem

In very wet and cold weather, mildew and fungus can invade your sweetpeas flowers

Use fungicides early before disease gets a foothold.

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15 Blue flowers for your garden which make you Happy